How Long Will a Resin Bound Driveway Last?

A few weeks ago we took a look at how long a resin bound driveway will last. Our conclusion was … well … inconclusive. This is due to a number of variables such as:

  • In a perfect circumstance a resin bound driveway will be laid on a strong and stable sub base that in turn rests on a substrate of soil that will stagnate.
  • In a best scenario the preparation and laying of a resin bound driveway will remain in an ambient temperature level range with just the correct amount of driver used.
  • In a best scenario the resin bound driveway will have been laid by expert and skilled installers.
  • In an ideal situation a UV resistant resin will be used that does not alter.
  • In an ideal circumstance the driveway will not often sustain the ‘turning’ of wheels of vehicles.

18 years? Really?

Resin is the most recent type of driveway surfacing so we were pleasantly surprised to learn of a setup that has stood the test of time. Well almost anyhow!

But an additional question turned up:

Is there a kind of resin that lasts longer than another?

As far as we know the two primary resins are (resin technical info):.

Aliphatic Polyurethane– UV steady– This is the very best alternative for driveways, paths and outdoor patios. The protection provided from UV will lengthen the life of a resin bound driveway and also limit discolouration.

Fragrant Polyurethane– UV unsteady– Exposure to the sun, particularly extremely violet rays from sun will cause discolouration with time due to the fact that the resin will darken making the aggregate (stone) appear darker, too.

Have you discovered a difference in the quality of resins?

Do some resins work much better? If so, why?

Have you attempted various manufacturers of resin? What have your experiences resembled?

Can you beat 18 years? What is the longest life expectancy of among your setups?

Are you happy adequate to put your name to a resin setup that has stood the test of time?

The locations are framed in block paving and whilst they are not large locations we were impressed with the quality and exceptional look. We didn’t see any dull areas or inconsistencies. All surfaces were ‘flat as a pancake’ and the colour variations both complimented and boosted the general appeal of the development. Obviously you could argue that as a ‘brand-new’ structure advancement on a Quay all sub base would be solidly packed. That’s definitely true and the setups will never ever struggle with substrate movement.

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