Potting on Tomatoes

Whether you have bought small tomato plants on line or at the garden centre, or grown from seed, around this time of year April/May the small tomato plants will be ready for potting on. You need to ensure there is enough growing space in the seed try , however don’t make it too big. If you are unsure check the bottom of the container, can you see the tomatoes roots if so they need more space. Take a look at the plant if it looks leading heavy for the size of it’s container it is more than prepared to pot on.

It is not adviseable to pot on into the last growing container when the plant is still small, it may appear easier and quicker, but sadly the plant will not grow. This implies with Tomatoes it is required to pot them on into big pots perhaps once, or two times, until putting them a big pot or growbag for the remainder of the summer season.

Tomato Side Shoots
If you plant in a to large post, no side shoots will appear. Even when the plant is rather little, it will form side shoots and these required to be nipped out. If left it will produce more and more shoots, growth and leaves at the loss of flowers and fruits. You are aiming to have one upright and to stop the plant sending side shoots and growing more branches.

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