Unclogging Bath Drains

If your bath is draining gradually, or perhaps worse, the water isn’t draining away at all you’ll most likely need to get a plumber to repair the issue.

Most bathroom drain clogs occur as a result of hair and other debris that can develop and obstruct the drain. The very first sign is generally that the water is draining away slowly. If left the issue can worsen until such a time that you have a total obstruction.

Bath plugs generally fall under 2 classification types:

  • Plunger
  • Pop Up
  • Bath Plug Types

Whichever kind of plug is installed in your bath it will need disassembly of the drain mechanism so that you can clean up away hair and other residue that has actually tangled itself and connected around the drain rod.

A plunger type bath plug is a lot easier to take apart. On most there is a little screw in the centre of the strainer. Loosen this and raise the mechanism from its position in the bath. You’ll most likely observe a lot of hair and soapy goo that’s blocking the long metal rod. Simply clean this off in hot water and offer it a great scrub prior to re-assembling it.

If moving the drain mechanism and offering it an excellent tidy does not work is most likely that the drain pipeline is blocked even more into the system.

First thing to do is to attempt to use a plunger to see if the bath drain can be unblocked. It’s an excellent idea to use a damp rag to stuff into the overflow opening to create a seal so that you’ll get excellent suction.

When to call a plumbing to unblock your sink
If a plunger does not clear the clog it’s a great idea to give us a call to arrange a convenient time to visit your home and fix the problem. It’s likely that the obstruction lies further down the drain system and more difficult to reach.

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